Why would I choose Doors and Drawers over Lowe's or Home Depot?
If you want a pre-packaged product that everyone else sells that you must 100% prepay before it is delivered, designed by people who seldom if ever see a kitchen they have sold, installed by someone you never heard of before and who is separate from the people who sold you the cabinets, then they are a good choice for you.  However, if you want some personal attention from the people who own the business, who are there before – during – and after the job is completed, then you might like us.

What is your warranty?
Our favorite question.  The factory warranty on refacing and new cabinet product is 1 year parts and labor and 5 years on the product.  We currently have something over 1000 kitchens out there, and no one is out of warranty.  Unlike the big box stores, we count on your referrals for our continued growth.  We currently stand behind every kitchen we have ever done.  No one is out of warranty.

Reface or Replace my cabinets. Which is better???
Most of the cabinets in older homes are made from better materials than much of the newer product you see at the big box stores.  Refacing is about making the cabinets look like new.  If you already have better quality cabinets than you would purchase in today’s market, than refacing is a great option.  The seamless method of refacing used by Doors and Drawers is almost impossible to detect.  We have refaced kitchens in million dollar homes because it was a good value for the homeowner.

What if I decide on new cabinets?
Doors and Drawers, Inc. in Goshen, Indiana is a custom cabinet maker specializing in refacing in wood.  Think of them as a specialty wood shop that is going to produce your kitchen, whether you decide on refacing or new cabinets.  This is a true custom cabinet made to the 1/16″ instead of in 3″ increments – made to fit your home.  No particle board, no fibre board.  Just kiln dried lumber, veneer core plywoods and a hand rubbed finish.

Does Refacing save me money over new cabinets??
In most cases, yes.  You already own the cabinets.  The only way to know for sure is for us to take a look and quote it for you.

We just updated our floor and the countertop in the kitchen. Now the cabinets look old and ugly. What are my choices??
This is when refacing saves you the most.  It is almost impossible to remove a countertop, stick new cabinets in, and expect the countertop to fit on the new cabinets.  It is very difficult to remove your cabinets, install new and hit the footprint of the old cabinets on the floor.  You will really appreciate refacing if you don’t want to throw away a perfectly good countertop or have to redo your kitchen floor.

How long does refacing take?
We start most of our jobs on Monday and are done on Friday.  One of the variables is whether the countertop is being replaced at the same time.  Once we visit your home, we will be able to give you a realistic timeline.

How long have you been in business??
We began Doors and Drawers of NW Ohio in late 1994.  Doors and Drawers, Inc. has been around for many years.  In the 1950’s it was known as Middlebury Church Furniture Company.  They changed over to kitchens in the 1970’s, and perfected our unique method of seamless refacing in 1979.

Who does the work?
This should actually be the first question you ask.  We found our lead installer in the first year, and he has been with us since the 3rd kitchen we ever did.  That’s over 1000 kitchens ago.  We have a 3 man crew.  The person who will spend the most time in your home will soon start his 10th year with us.

Do you use high pressure sales techniques?
It’s hard enough to make a decision to spend money on your home without the antagonism of someone shoving a contract in your face.

We consult, share ideas, answer questions and leave you with a quote. The choice is up to you.