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We are the best kept secret in the kitchen business in NW Ohio.  But you found us, so please keep reading.  We might be a good fit for you.


Over the years we have evolved a fast and inexpensive way to have a new look in your kitchen that everyone who sees it will think came out of a box.  This is a painted approach to updating an old and seemingly worn out kitchen.  If you have limited means, are thinking of reselling and know that you have to do “something” to make the house marketable, or if you are rehabbing – then call us and we will show you how to do this.  We have succesfully done Instant Kitchens from very blue collar homes to River Rd. addresses.  It works great!!


Our stock and trade.  This is where we started.  Seamless refacing in wood.  (You can’t tell our refacing from new cabinets.)  Update by adding or replacing a cabinet or two or three.  New countertops.  Tile splashes.  If you have a new floor or countertop, we can update your cabinets and save your recent improvements.  Change the entire feel of your home by changing your kitchen without moving a single cabinet.  What we can do is almost limitless.  No kidding!  An old and ugly kitchen on Monday – a bright new kitchen on Friday.


From design to installation, you are in our capable hands.  The extent of our experience includes everything from a one wall kitchen to redoing an entire main floor.  Every cabinet is made to fit.  All stain is hand rubbed, not only on the cabinets, but also on every door, drawer front and piece of trim.  No particle board, no fiber board, no junk.  We believe that who installs your kitchen is important.  We believe that the quality of your cabinets is important.  We believe that the design is critical and should be sourced as much by how you use your home as it is by the size and shape of your room.  We believe that you deserve a realistic timetable with beginning and ending dates.  The late and great Dizzy Dean said, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.”  We not only can do it, we do it everytime! (Dizzy predicted that he and his brother Daffy would win a combined 45 games for St. Louis in 1934.  Dizzy won 30 and Daffy won 19, and the Cardinals won the World Series.)